Multi-Cloud application monitoring in a single pane of glass

Improve visibility of K8s Events, Cluster Metrics and Logs and set custom rules for receiving critical alerts

Monitor applications across clouds with Ozone

Get insight and notifications across multi-cloud application deployments.

Analyse Metrics & Logs:

Enable monitoring across multiple private and public cloud providers with a single click and have your dashboards setup in minutes across multiple clusters

Analyse Events:

Improve the retention period of K8s events across multiple clouds for enhanced visibility and better root cause analysis for pod and node failures

Setup Alerts and Notification:

Set custom alerts across K8s Events, Metrics & System Events such as Pipeline execution with custom thresholds. Get notifications in-app or in any collaboration tools like Slack, MS teams & more

Ozone CI/CD platform

50+ Integration saves time and money

Ozone seamlessly integrates with all the popular DevOps tools.

Application monitoring Use Cases

Ozone is industry agnostic. Leverage Ozone as per you business needs

Multi-cloud monitoring

Connect your hybrid cloud providers with Ozone and monitor your clusters across different region from a single console.

Customer alerts for Kubernetes application

Set customer alert using promQL and send notifications to slack , email or any communication channel or your choice


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© 2021 Ozone Cloud Inc.